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[Bug-tar] major problem with --listed-incremental silently failing

From: John R. Vanderpool
Subject: [Bug-tar] major problem with --listed-incremental silently failing
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 15:30:49 -0500 (EST)

this does not work using tar 1.14 with RHEL4, only the parent dir gets
backed up for /ftp/data/2 and it just silently does not backup any of
the other files on that fs:

tar -c -f /dev/dlt35 -b 256 -v --one-file-system 
--listed-incremental=/var/tmp/bck.tmp.incremental --ignore-failed-read --totals 
./ /home /usr/local /ftp /vol1 /ftp/data/2

Filesystem            Inodes   IUsed   IFree IUse% Mounted on
/dev/sda2            1310720  111916 1198804    9% /
/dev/sda3            1310720    9309 1301411    1% /home
/dev/sdb1            1251712   23736 1227976    2% /usr/local
/dev/sdb2            12002368   26590 11975778    1% /ftp
/dev/sdc2            1251712  443708  808004   36% /vol1
/dev/sdb5            29212672 6874762 22337910   24% /ftp/data/2

i tried the RHFC4 1.15.1 binary on RHEL4 (surprisingly ran) and it had the
same issue.

i then moved /ftp/data/2 (fs w/ ~7 million files) to first in the list and
it then works using 1.14:

tar -c -f /dev/dlt35 -b 256 -v --one-file-system 
--listed-incremental=/var/tmp/bck.tmp.incremental --ignore-failed-read --totals 
/ftp/data/2 ./ /home /usr/local /ftp /vol1

it also works if i leave out the --listed-incremental flag

only way we discovered this was we lost a bunch of files on /ftp/data/2
and i went to restore them and discovered that they had never been backed
up, ughhh.

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