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[Bug-tar] GNU tar 1.23: 1.6 Reporting bugs or suggestions (EDIT) in the

From: nomnex
Subject: [Bug-tar] GNU tar 1.23: 1.6 Reporting bugs or suggestions (EDIT) in the Tutorial
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 08:18:23 +0900


Hi, I am a novice user (.tar).  After reading (EDIT) THE TUTORIAL (good tutorial
btw)  It was clear that I could use tar + compression e.g. tar + j
option (bzip) or tar + -z option (gzip) to create compressed archives.
What was less obvious was tar can decompress compressed archives without
-j or -z option?  E.g. tar -xvf foo.tar will decompress foo.tar.bz2 or
foo.tar.gz equally.

after reading the (full) manual, I have got my answer:

> Reading compressed archive is even simpler: you don't need to specify
> any additional options as GNU tar recognizes its format automatically.
> Thus, the following commands will list and extract the archive created
> in previous example:

A mention in the tutorial would have helped for a quick and dirty usage
of .tar


nomnex [Marc]

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