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Re: setedit

From: ACS/Neil Parks
Subject: Re: setedit
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 14:53:49 EST

On 30 Nov 00 at 10:09, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Subject:        Re: (no subject)

> On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Neil Parks wrote:
> > I have a problem trying to read the following info file when using either
> > setedit or infview, both of which I like much better than info.
> > "Edition 4.0 of the Texinfo manual, updated 28 September 1999."
> Neil, can you please check if the stand-alone Info reader that is part of 
> the Texinfo 4.0 package has a similar problem?

info 4.0 seems to do it right.

Funny thing:  You (Eli) originally had me upgrade to 4.0 because the older 
info that came with the RH Linux couldn't handle the gawk 3.06 info file--
but setedit could.

I needed to use info at that time because I didn't have a telnet client good 
enough to handle setedit/infview.  Since then I've discovered BasicLinux.  I 
added that to my DOS machine, and I can do real work via telnet now.  <G>

Be well.

 Neil Parks                         |   Email: address@hidden
 Advanced Communications Systems    |   Voice: 440-716-8460
 North Olmsted, OH                  |   Fax:   440-716-8466

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