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Re: Bug#78504: info: Impossible to scroll just a single line

From: Richard Kim
Subject: Re: Bug#78504: info: Impossible to scroll just a single line
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 16:19:19 -0800

>>>>> "JR" == Josip Rodin <address@hidden> writes:

    JR> BTW one other problem I noticed with cross-references: stuff like *Note 
    JR> long name that couldn't fit on the previous page:: doesn't work; the
    JR> cross-references don't span lines so pressing enter on any of the words 
    JR> the second line doesn't make anything happen.

Can you elaborate on this?

info.el supports cross references spanning two lines going
back over 10 years.  For example, in Info node
"(emacs-e20)Intro" in my GNU/Debian box, you find 

    on the keyboard, you can rebind the keys that way.  *Note

Put the cursor anywhere on the word Customization and hit return.
The info-mode takes you to the node "(emacs-e20)Customization".

If you look at the code for Info-follow-reference command 
in info.el, the following regexp is searched for the

        "\\*note[ \n\t]*\\([^:]*\\):"

As you can see, newlines within the reference should not be
a problem.

    JR> Admittedly info has more trouble than man in being simple, 
    JR> and intuitive, but from a user standpoint it appears nobody even tried 
    JR> fix that :/ I hear people bitching about info all the time.

I thought info mode was "simple" and "intuitive" going back
to the 1980's.  That is why I still prefer to use info mode
over other forms of on-line documentation including HTML if

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