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October newsletter Vol 5 issue 10 tips for faxing

From: BroadFX
Subject: October newsletter Vol 5 issue 10 tips for faxing
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 18:25:39 -0700


Tips for Successful Faxing

Simple Ways to Shorten Fax Transmission Time (And Save Money)

Avoid excessive use of black. Black does create a bold image but the costs usually exceed the benefits

Avoid large graphics/logos Stay away from large font size, bold settings and underlining.

Plan your white space. Faxes are transmitted by horizontal lines. So, even one small bit of black on a horizontal line requires that the whole line be transmitted and printedon most fax machines.

If you use two columns for your message, don’t use a gutter in the middle, be very careful about lining up both sets of text in the two columns, if they do not line up the spaces between the lines do not line up and it can slow transmission a lot. It is usually easier to do, two paragraphs instead of two columns.

Don’t convert a color image to gray scale & send, try to find an original black and white of the picture you wish to use, or even better get a line drawing, there is a considerable amount of free clip art available on the internet.

If you have to scan in an image because it is necessary for your message, make sure the image scanned is clean, if necessary convert it to a format that you can blow up to a large size and edit pixel by pixel. If you can create a good image, you can use it again and again. One hours work on the computer could save you $ as many faxing hours over the next year.

When finalizing your layout try to: create your document in blocks leaving vertical blank space in between the areas of text, avoid vertical lines or frames around the text in short, don't just think of blank space, think of vertical blank space.

BroadFax Flexes It’s Muscles With Broadfax Enterprise Suite

BroadFax Enterprise is a complete solution to streamline your business communication by integrating all your needs in one convenient system.

The BroadFax Enterprise Suite includes the following:

Ø BroadFax FastFax – Fax from your workstation send your message or quotation directly to the fax server Want it out fast, how about with the click of your mouse send a fax from your desktop. This one will help improve office productivity.

Ø BroadFax Pro –If your looking to transmit high volumes, the robust Broadfax Pro will get your job done.

Ø Fax to email solution – It’s all automatic, your received faxes come right to your server then are converted to email and forwarded right to the appropriate individual all automatically.

Ø DID Receive – On the go? Receive your fax and e-mail documents in one convenient location using a toll-free or local phone number of your choice and forwarded right to your email for pickup any where in the world.

Ø BroadFax API (Application Programming Interface) – Customize BroadFax to meet all your CRM business needs

Ø LCR or Least Cost Routing – save money by sending your time-sensitive documents at the lowest possible costs

Overall this features packed suite gives your business complete control over critical and time-sensitive inbound and outbound documents and is simple enough anyone can use it.

For more information call 1-888-276-2339 or visit www.broadfax.com

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