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Re: Using macros in @item

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Using macros in @item
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 09:33:59 -0400

    Now I remember!  That's why texi2dvi used to perform weird magic bits:
    that was to _preserve_ these guys.  or?

Yes.  It preserves @macro in some cases where it would otherwise be
commented out.  This is before makeinfo is called, not after ...

# A sed script that preprocesses Texinfo sources in order to keep the
# iftex sections only.  We want to remove non TeX sections, and
# comment (with address@hidden texi2dvi') TeX sections so that makeinfo does not
# try to parse them.  Nevertheless, while commenting TeX sections,
# don't comment @macro/@end macro so that makeinfo does propagate
# them.  Unfortunately makeinfo --iftex --no-ifhtml --no-ifinfo
# doesn't work well enough (yet) to use that, so work around with sed.
cat <<EOF >$comment_iftex_sed
/address@hidden/,/address@hidden tex/{
  s/^/@c texi2dvi/
/address@hidden/,/address@hidden iftex/{
  s/^/@c texi2dvi/
  /address@hidden address@hidden/,/address@hidden address@hidden macro/{
    s/address@hidden texi2dvi//
/address@hidden/,/address@hidden html/{
  s/^/@c (texi2dvi)/
/address@hidden/,/address@hidden ifhtml/{
  s/^/@c (texi2dvi)/
/address@hidden/,/address@hidden ifnottex/{
  s/^/@c (texi2dvi)/
/address@hidden/,/address@hidden ifinfo/{
  /address@hidden/,/address@hidden menu/p
  s/^/@c (texi2dvi)/
s/address@hidden/@c address@hidden/
s/address@hidden ifnotinfo/@c address@hidden ifnotinfo/

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