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@appendixsubsec within @appendix

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: @appendixsubsec within @appendix
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 05:18:19 +1000
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Within an @appendix, I mistakenly used an @appendixsubsec where I had
meant to use an @appendixsec.  It worked fine in most formats (info,
html, xml, dvi), but not in pdf.

I don't know if something like this is meant to work.  No doubt one
goes @appendix, then an @appendixsec within that, then an

If omitting the middle @appendixsec is not meant to work then it'd be
nice for makeinfo to give an error.  If it is meant to work then it
looks like the pdf bits don't handle it.

As I say, I didn't want to actually do this, it was a mistake, but for
what it's worth the foo.texi below illustrates the case.  On a recent
i386 debian with texinfo.tex from texinfo 4.7,

        texi2pdf foo.texi

produces the following among its output, gives an exit code 1, and
leaves the log and toc below

./foo.toc:2: Missing number, treated as zero
./foo.toc:2: Missing $ inserted
) (./foo.toc)
/home/gg/bug/texinfo-pdf-addendum/foo.texi:16: Missing $ inserted
Appendix A [1] [2] )

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