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Re: Documentation: makeinfo --plaintext

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Documentation: makeinfo --plaintext
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 10:24:10 -0400

Hi Akim,

    Plain text
         (Generated via `makeinfo --no-headers'.)  This is almost the same

Thanks, I mentioned --plaintext in the Invoking makeinfo node.  I don't
think I'll mention it in the Output Formats node at this point, since
only the very latest version has it.

    I'm surprised to see that --plaintext defaults to output on stdout,
    contrary to the other options.  Therefore it ends with:

This is because Makefiles for GCC, etc., depend on this behavior.  (Or
used to, anyway.)  I don't feel like I can change it now.  I added 
a mention of this to Output Formats.

    assignments.texi:7495: avertissement: address@hidden cp' omitted since 
writing to stdout.

I think that's a bug that should be fixed.  It results from various
things Alper did to make @contents work at the beginning of a document,
when writing to a file, but it seems like indexes at the end of a
document can be generated even when writing stdout, since all the
information is available at that point.

    Also, it forces --no-split, right?

Yes.  (Can't split stdout.)


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