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Cross compiling texinfo-4.7

From: Mark Fortescue
Subject: Cross compiling texinfo-4.7
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 14:47:22 +0100 (BST)


texinfo-4.7 does not cross compile as it uses programs compiled with the
'host' compiler (CC) which as a result probably will not work.

To get around this I have hacked the Makefiles and configure scripts to
build (and install) everything twice when cross compiling, once with
${host} = ${build} and once with the configure ${host}. The Makefiles then
use the programs made when ${host} = ${build} when they need to use the
makeinfo or makedoc.

I got the idear from binutils/gcc. It is a nasty hack and the extra
install will usually only wast disk space.

I have attached a patch for my modifications so that someone more
famillier with automake/autoconf can do the job properly.

What should happen when ${host} != ${build} and programs need to be
built and run on the build machine is that they should be made in an
appropriate subdirectory first (as per binutils/gcc).

For example: 

1) configure sets up the build tools: BUILD_CC, BUILD_AR, BUILD_RANLIB
2) Using the build tools (BUILD_CC, BUILD_AR and BUILD_RANLIB):
 a) Build libtxi.a (from libs) -> $(build)/libs/libtxi.a.
 b) Build libintl.a and libgnuintl.a (from intl) ->
                 $(build)/intl/libintl.a $(build)/intl/libgnuintl.a.
 c) Build makedoc (from info) -> $(build)/info/makedoc.
 d) Build makeinfo (from makeinfo) -> $(build)/makeinfo/makeinfo.
3) Do the make as before only using:
 $(build)/<dir>/<tool> instead of $(top_builddir)/<dir>/<tool> or ./<tool>

Listing it out like this makes it look simple.

If automake can work all this out with the correct inputs, an example
would be useful for all thoes developers (like me) who do not know
how to do this the easy way.

        Mark Fortescue.

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