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makeinfo --xml --no-split does not generate a well-formed XML file

From: Vincent Lefevre
Subject: makeinfo --xml --no-split does not generate a well-formed XML file
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:40:39 +0200
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[Note: I reported this problem on the Debian BTS
but the maintainer of the texinfo package seems to be inexistent.]

"makeinfo --xml --no-split" does not generate a well-formed XML file
and the problem is still there in the CVS. This happens at least with
the MPFR texinfo file (see <http://www.mpfr.org/>). Here's the part
that leads to the problem:

@c  html <meta name=description content="...">
How to install and use MPFR, a library for reliable multiple precision 
floating-point arithmetic, version @value{VERSION}.
@end documentdescription

@c smallbook
@setchapternewpage on

and the generated XML:

  <dircategory>GNU libraries</dircategory>
<!-- html <meta name=description content="..."> --> 
<!-- smallbook --></para>

There's a spurious closing para tag.

I've attached a patch that solved the problem in makeinfo 4.7 (just a
missing output state...). Things have changed in the CVS, but I think
you now have all the necessary information about this bug...


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Work: CR INRIA - computer arithmetic / SPACES project at LORIA

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