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Re: should index be empty in makeinfo docbook/xml output?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: should index be empty in makeinfo docbook/xml output?
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 11:45:26 -0400

    (2) have whoever makes use of the docbook be responsible for the index.
    I think (2) makes more sense - for generating both 'docbook' and 'xml'.

For Docbook, no problem, I can see that suppressing the index makes

For XML, I'd like to ask Torsten for his opinion first; he just wrote a
texi2latex program based on the XML output and don't know what
implications there would be if we removed the index entries from the
output.  I take your point in general, but not sure about practice.

If anyone else is using either the XML or Docbook output and has an
opinion, please chime in.


(*) I've never seriously looked at the Docbook output, and know
relatively little about Docbook.  I integrated a patch for the initial
support some years ago, and Alper Ersoy changed the code to generate
Docbook/XML instead of Docbook/XML a couple releases ago.  I feel sure
there are many infelicities/incorrect use of Docbook in makeinfo.  So
since you're actually trying to use it, please feel free to hack as

I recall that Arnold Robbins gave the Docbook output, with lots of
post-processing, to O'Reilly to print the Gawk manual.  That's the only
nontrivial use of the Docbook output that I'm aware of.  He probably
just excised all the index stuff.

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