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two spaces after @pxref at end of source line

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: two spaces after @pxref at end of source line
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 09:23:19 +1100
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The file foo.texi below processed with makeinfo 4.8 (or also a recent
cvs checkout),

    makeinfo foo.texi

comes out in foo.info with

       The port line/column (*note Reading: (guile)Reading.)  is not

But I hoped there'd be only a single space after the "Reading.)" bit.
(Because, if I'm not mistaken, the "." there is inserted only to
satisfy the info readers, not to be an actual end of sentence.)

Perhaps it's something to do with the .texi having the
"(@pxref{blah,blah})" at the end of a source line.  If it's in the
middle of a line (with a single space after it) then a single space is
what comes out in the .info, as hoped for.

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