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Re: makeinfo SIGABRT

From: Wang DianCheng
Subject: Re: makeinfo SIGABRT
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 14:40:37 +0800

thanks for your reply

I have compiled my texi file using Texinfo CVS version, it is still SIGABRT,
There are some images in my texi file, and I think that  it  caused by count of image file name characters is over than 8
try to compile following code to reproduct this bug:

\input texinfo   @c -*-texinfo-*-
@documentlanguage zh
@c %**start of header
@setfilename lime-sysv.info
@settitle LIME
@c %**end of header
Copyright @copyright{} 2007 redflag
Linux DC 6.0,Asianux 3.0
@end quotation

@end copying

@title LIME

@c The following two commands start the copyright page.
@vskip 0pt plus 1filll
@end titlepage

@c Output the table of contents at the beginning.

@node Top
@top LIME

@end ifnottex

* system management::      system management
* run system managment::      run service manager
* start stop restart::      start stop restart
* service proerties::       service properties
* index::            index
@end menu

@node system management
@chapter system management

@cindex system service
* runlevel:: run level
* run seq:: run seq
@end menu

@node run level,run seq , system management, system managment
@section run level
@cindex run seq
@multitable @columnfractions .25 .75
@headitem run level @tab define
@item 0
@tab stop
@item 1
@item 2
@tab multi user
@item 3
@tab muti user
@item 4
@tab reserved
@item 5
@tab multi user
@item 6
@tab reboot
@end multitable



$ init 0

@node run seq ,  , run level, system management
@section run seq
@cindex run seq
@node run system management
@chapter run system management

@float fig,main_image
@image{images/main,,,start win,jpg}
@caption{start win}
@end float

@float fig,runlevel_image
@image{images/runlevel1,,,run level,jpg}
@caption{run level}
@end float

@float fig,popupmenu_image
@end float

@node start stop restart
@chapter start stop restart

@node properties
@chapter properties

@node index
@unnumbered Index

@printindex cp


2007/3/10, Karl Berry <address@hidden>:
    attachment is the test texinfo document, its language is Chinese(GB18030)

I'm sorry, I don't see any attachment.

There have been some changes in this area since 4.8, so if it's
convenient for you to try the makeinfo in the Texinfo CVS, that might do


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