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wrong direntries from makeinfo 4.11

From: Norbert Preining
Subject: wrong direntries from makeinfo 4.11
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 16:30:13 +0100
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Hi Karl,

you remember
where the
        This is foobar, produced by ...
ended up in the START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY?

With 4.11 PLUS your patch from the above it is still happening, minimal
not working texi file I could generate:

\input texinfo
@setfilename untitled.info

* aaaa: (aaaa).               aaa bbbb.
@end direntry


generates output:
This is foo.info, produced by makeinfo version 4.11 from foo.texi.

* aaaa: (aaaa).               aaa bbbb.

Which is bad. The problem is that your fix is only done in cmds.c, but
not for cm_direntry (in the begin_insertion function) in insertion.c.

Could you comment on the following fix I tried. It does in fact generate
the right dir entry code in the output file, but may have other
consequences I do not forsee. Here is that diff:
--- texinfo-4.11.dfsg.1.orig/makeinfo/insertion.c       2007-12-19 
16:19:35.000000000 +0100
+++ texinfo-4.11.dfsg.1/makeinfo/insertion.c    2007-12-19 16:19:41.000000000 
@@ -488,7 +488,7 @@
       close_single_paragraph ();
       filling_enabled = no_indent = 0;
       inhibit_paragraph_indentation = 1;
-      insert_string ("START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY\n");
+      add_word ("START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY\n");
     case documentdescription:

Thanks a lot


Dr. Norbert Preining <address@hidden>        Vienna University of Technology
Debian Developer <address@hidden>                         Debian TeX Group
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