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Re: info: search fails to find string occurrence

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: info: search fails to find string occurrence
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 17:04:51 -0600

    If the info file is OK, why is the string not found?

Ben explained.  We should rename that node in gnulib.texi.  (When I do
that, search works in Info.)

    If the info file is not OK, why did makeinfo not warn about it? 

I suppose makeinfo should have something like -Wall that warns about
such things.

I tried warning about periods and colons and such in node names, and
there are far too many complaints in existing Texinfo files.  In
practice, the punctuation often does not cause trouble (unfortunately,
in a way, or the misfeature would never have lasted this long).  I'm a
little surprised it does in this case.  (Search works with the original
in Emacs Info, by the way.)

The only good answer I've been able to see to this longstanding problem
is to invent a general escaping mechanism in Info files.  I've talked
about it from time to time with rms and others, but nothing solid has
happened yet.  Sorry.


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