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Re: makeinfo infers wrong Prev/Next fields

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: makeinfo infers wrong Prev/Next fields
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 00:23:54 +0100
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Hello Karl,

>     /dev/shm//cln.texi:4088: Next field of node `Index' not pointed to
> Thanks for the report.  The immediate fix is to add @detailmenu before
> the line
>   --- The Detailed Node Listing ---
> and @end detailmenu before the first
>   @end menu
> Then it worked for me.

I cannot use this fix, as @detailmenu is not supported by texi2html,
which is what I use to create the HTML doc for this package.

> This is rather laconically mentioned in the manual.  I'll see if I can
> make it more evident, at least.

The problem is not in the manual, it is in the code:
If you have a hierarchically structured manual. and node A occurs before
node B, there is never a reason to put node B as "Prev" of node A, or
node A as "Next" of node B. The order of the nodes is certainly evident
from the input file.


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