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Re: texinfo.tex: accents in math mode

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: texinfo.tex: accents in math mode
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 17:53:28 +0200

Karl Berry wrote:
> I hoped it would be possible to make texinfo.tex interpret accents as
>     math accents in math mode
> It's hard for me to imagine how to make a pre-accented 8-bit character
> into a math accent, though I suppose anything could be done with enough work.
> Does it even work that way in LaTeX?

No, the supported command to get \'o in math mode within LaTeX is
\acute{o} (with package amssymb).  I've managed to get \'o working in
math mode with the usual set of French packages I use for LaTeX, but
it's a bad solution: the accented character is printed upright instead
of italics, LaTeX complains, and it is no more printed as soon as I
uncomment or change LaTeX packages in the document.

> Making something like @^x give you a math accent inside @math and a text
> accent outside math seems possible; in fact, my guess (without trying
> the experiment) is that it already does.

No, it does not: as I told in my first message (sorry for the possible
mangling with UTF-8 coding), the same error happens if you use something
like @'o inside @math.

I don't know whether the following is an acceptable solution, but
texinfo.tex could maybe turn the @math{@'o} error into a warning, as the
output produced with 'texi2pdf --batch' seems to look good.  Anyway, as
we can easily reformulate the piece of LilyPond docs that causes this
error, I don't mind at all if this limitation is not fixed.


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