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Re: many questions

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: many questions
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 16:06:21 -0500

Hi Patrice,

      forcing users to change @setfilename is better.

Well, I don't think it's better to "force" users to change, but maybe
there's a better solution.

      Would it be ok to remove this feature?

Let's come back to this next week.

    * texinfo expands @-commands normally in @documentdescription, but
      keeps --, texi2html uses simple_format which removes most
      @commands but uses entities

    Which one is right (I'd say texi2html)?

Yes, texi2html behavior sounds ok.  I don't think I've ever seen a real
document that used @documentdescription, anyway.

    * makeinfo in title, for @code{something} leads to `something'. In
    texi2html all the style commands are removed without extra formatting.
    Is it right?

Given that @code leads to `...' in general, I don't see why it should
simply be ignored in titles.  It isn't ignored in titles in any other
kind of output, so why in Info?

    * makeinfo don't warn for empty deffn, but texi2dvi cannot process them

Well, that's a bug in texi2dvi.  I'll take a look when I have a chance
(or Oleg ... ?).

    should there be a warning?

I presume texi2html can handle them ok, in which case I'd say, no
warning (regardless of what we can do in texinfo.tex).  Not everyone
cares about processing through TeX.

    * makeinfo doesn't warn for empty sectionning/heading commands, like
    ** unnumberedsubsec without name (l. 284)

    Should there be a warning or not?

Warning is good.

    * the code of xml.c in makeinfo shows specific treatement of & in
      definition arguments. Could you please explain what it is meant to

    * makeinfo warn when there is no @settitle nor @top. Guess it is for <title>
      texi2html uses @settitle @title @shorttitlepage @titlefont for <title>.

    What should be the best?

texi2html's behavior is better.

    * does --document-language cmd line apply to first or all files, when there
      are more than one file on command line?

It's never come up.  I guesss it should be all files.

    * In info, when there are multiple index entries with the same name,
      should <1>... be appended? Or only when they are not at the same

I'm not sure.  We should experiment with the Info readers.  Let's come
back to this later.

    * only texi2html warns an empty @item in (v|f)table:
    ** Empty index entry for @vtable (l. 26)
    Is it right?

Warning is good.

    * What are the encodings known by info/makeinfo?
      unrecognized encoding name `ascii'.

See the documentencoding node in texinfo.txi.  US-ASCII, because that's
what the HTML likes, as I recall.  I did not put in the zillion possible
synonyms and map them all to the HTML name that works.

      Should there be an empty line added after the title?

This idea of text outside any @item in the table has never been part of
Texinfo, so whatever behavior is best for you is fine.

    * should @OE{} be associated with '00D8' or '0152'?

@OE{} is the OE ligature (analogous to @AE{} -> AE), so 0152.

Isn't 00D8 "O with stroke" completely different?  I don't understand ...

    * should include files be searched in current directory, input manual
      directory or both?

Both.  Images too.

    * When there is a 0x7F as a comment character, should the eol also be 
      removed (I think so)?


    * When should the following error message be produced:
    @strong{Note...} produces a spurious cross-reference in Info; reword
    to avoid that.  When there is @strong{note or @strong{Note ? 


    In some other cases?

1) when the arg to @strong is exactly "note", case-insensitive.
2) when the arg begins with the five chars "note ", case-insensitive.


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