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[bug #28359] matchtitle underscore width not with the title when title c

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: [bug #28359] matchtitle underscore width not with the title when title contain wide char
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 21:17:29 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #9, bug #28359 (project texinfo):

My question was in fact very unclear. I'll try to restate it more clearly. 

There are other places where the number of characters or bytes are counted.
At some places it is important to determine how the output looks like (like in
the case that triggered this bug report), and at some other points it is even
more important since it determines the document structure. For the second
case, I need to know how info counts since both ways of counting must match.

Here is a list of places where the width of characters may matter, that
impacts only on the output formatting:

* Underlying of titles, as described in this bug report

* formatting of listoffloats and menus (41 byte-width characters). My guess
here is that info reader doesn't care about the precise length, what it
detects is the format.

* formatting of @printindex index entries.

* indentation length is more than the current position on the line (for
indented formats, like @itemize, @enumerate).

* lines splitting in paragraph

* formatting of @center and @flush*

* formatting of @multitable

Here is the place where info readers and formatters must agree:

* offset of anchors and nodes


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