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HTML index files broken

From: David Reitter
Subject: HTML index files broken
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 10:35:44 -0400

I'm having a problem generating the HTML variants of the .texi manuals in 
Emacs's doc/misc directory.

The index file that is generated for each manual (manual/html_node/index.html) 
is broken - it almost looks like some regular-expression based substitution 
gone wrong: the main text is inserted in the middle of a CSS style sheet.   I'm 
attaching the index file generated for Ada Mode - the others look similar.

I've set GENDOCS_TEMPLATE_DIR to the template distributed with gendocs.sh.  
I've installed Texinfo 5.0, which seems to have produced Makeinfo 4.13 is used. 
 Older variants don't work any better.  Gendocs is gendocs.sh 2010-09-29.09; 
the template is also straight from CVS.  I've tried an older version on 
Gendocs, 2010-05-04.12, too.

Thanks for your help!

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