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[bug #35395] bad picture path with --html and --without --no-split

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: [bug #35395] bad picture path with --html and --without --no-split
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:53:01 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #9, bug #35395 (project texinfo):

Bonsoir Patrice,

Concerning the problem with html file not generated in the right
place, I did use the latest CVS. However, it seems that the
problem is connected with filename format in MSWindows, and this
is why you could not reproduce it.

FYI, I am starting the compilation from ant with that kind of
target specification:

  <target name="help-texi2html">
        <apply executable="sh"
                   dir="${dist-resources.dir}/help-files/" >
      <arg value="makeinfo"/> 
      <arg value="--html"/>
      <arg value="--no-split"/>
          <srcfile />
          <fileset file="${src.dir}/help-files/*.texi"/>

Well, as ant expands filenames to absolute names this means that
the actual command is (under MSWindows):

sh makeinfo --html --nosplit


* `jpicedt' is the source directory
* `dist' is the directory for distribution.
* `makeinfo' is just a wrapper bash script to texi2any it reads as follows:


source ~/.bash_profile

${makeinfo} "$@"

FYI sh is the MSYS sh. I am doing this wrapper trick because I
would like the build.xml ant buildfile to be portable to work
also under Linux (assuming that jPicEdt other developpers under
Linux would have some aliasing of makeinfo to texi2any in their

So, to recap, I am using a bash script to launch an MSWindows
based Perl engine runing your scripts, and taking filename
arguments with supposedly MSWindows separator, ie `'.

Please note that if I used that command line from and MSDos

C:msys1.0localprojectsjpicedtjpicedtdisthelp-files>sh makeinfo --html
--nosplit ../../jpicedt/help-files/fr.texi

Then the output is generated in the right place. Hopefully, that
makes clearer the case.

My understanding is that it is a portability bug of texi2any:
somewhere you are tampering with filenames directely with
regexping hardcoded `/' separators, rather than using only
library functions like Perl counterparts of Bash dirname,
basename and suchlikes.

Please note that I could make my ant buildfile robust to this
problem by using ant file translation feature. If you think that
this is only my problem and not yours, then I will do that.

Well, my personal feeling is that MSWindows is the real problem,
but it is not my choice to always use MSWindows as at home I am
borrowing my wife's PC.



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