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md5sum & tr

From: Jan Eggert Kofoed
Subject: md5sum & tr
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 20:28:07 +0100

First of all I want to express gratitude and admiration for those
indivuduals making it possible for us to have available so much free
software of high quality. I receive a lot more than I give, but when I
stumble over findings I want to put them to your attention. I am willing
to investigate any modification you suggest on the
platforms/configurations I have access to in order to test solutions you
may suggest.

I have downloaded the textutils package with time stamps around 19990127
because I needed md5sum to run on HP workstations. Exeuting configure
and make made the programs of the package readily available, and md5sum
ran as expected when I was creating the digital signatures for the
files. Simple tests gave the same results as other version of program
(Linux, Cygnus on NT and Windows 95 platforms). There was only one
problem: using the -c option for checing of the signatures caused
segmentation violation. The problem was found to be attributable to the
fact that 'getline' was not made part of the library (forgot the name).
There were no problems during linking of the programs. Using a debugger
I saw that getline returned without reading anything, and subsequently
the code failed (free on memory not allocated, I think). Modification of
the generated Makefile by adding ../lib/getline.c mended the situation
perfectly. This was tested on HP-UX 10.10 and 10.20, with some old C

I also tested the package extraction and installation on Linux. Here
compilation failed on tr:
gcc -DLOCALEDIR=\"/usr/local/share/locale\" -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.. -I.
-I../lib -I../intl  -g -O2 -c tr.c
tr.c:234: macro `stpcpy' used without args
make[2]: *** [tr.o] Error 1

Removing the forward-declaration made the program compile, and
tests/tr-tests made no complaints.

I have gained what I need from the download (md5sum on HP-UX), but the
information above is supplied to you in the case you find it helpfull.
Please let me know, if I can help you further in investigation of the
problem, if you deem it beneficial.

Best regards
Jan Eggert Kofoed

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