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[Bug-wget] Fwd: wget file-size parsing bug when doing FTP mirroring?

From: Niek Bergboer
Subject: [Bug-wget] Fwd: wget file-size parsing bug when doing FTP mirroring?
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 11:54:50 +0200

Hi all,

Currently, I am using wget to mirror files off a friend's NAS, to
provide an off-site backup for him. After having completed the first
complete download, I would like my subsequent downloads to be
incremental. Fair enough, I use wget -m, but some files are still
being re-downloaded despite the fact that they are unchanged.

Example (for the sake of argument, I call the server "server":

Before I start my incremental mirror, there is a local file called
"Sent Items.dbx" that I downloaded before. There is the same
(unchanged) file in dir /some/remote/dir on the NAS. The .listing file
that is downloaded with this incremental copy contains:

-rw-rw-r--   1 guest    everyone 91892436 Sep 13  2003 Sent Items.dbx

Mostly as expected. However, wget then tells me:

The sizes do not match (local 91892436) -- retrieving.

... and gets the entire ~90MB file again, despite the fact that the
sizes are in fact equal. This seems to occur for all files >=
10,000,000 bytes.

Any clues as to why this occurs? As both the .listing file and the
local filesystem contain the right size, could this be a parsing bug
somewhere in wget?

Thanks in advance,



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