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[Bug-wget] List of hosts to prepend [suggestion]

From: Richard Bell
Subject: [Bug-wget] List of hosts to prepend [suggestion]
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 19:29:56 -0700

I don't see in the documentation how this is possible, so I created a batch file that would allow me to take a list of hosts or servers in a web farm so I could test the same URL against each of them.  In addition to this, I'm really just after the HTTP status code, so it would be nice if wget had an option to just show the url used and the status code returned.  This would sorta be the oppositve behavior of "--base=URL".
If this is possible with the numerous switches available, please let me know.
@echo off
if EXIST %1 (set file=/f) else (set file=)
if not "%file%"=="" (set eol="eol=;") else (set eol=)
echo host=%1 %file%
echo uri=%2
for %file% %eol% %%i in (%1) do echo
for %file% %eol% %%i in (%1) do wget --spider
(The "if" clauses above and the vars that get set just allow me to use a single host specified on the cmd line if it's not a filename that can be found.  I'll call this batch file with "fetch cweb.txt /images/buttons/btnleft_blue.gif" which finds a list of hosts in cweb.txt and appends the URL to each or "fetch cweb404 /images/buttons/btnleft_blue.gif" to hit just one host -- which, of course, can be done with wget directly without a batch file.  The batch file shows what URLs are to be called before invoking wget.)


Richard Bell
Manager, Network Engineering
Autobytel Inc.
18872 MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 200
Irvine, CA. 92612
email address@hidden
fax 949.797.0454



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