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Re: [Bug-wget] Issue with URL in Windows

From: Ben Smith
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Issue with URL in Windows
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 13:45:10 -0700 (PDT)

That did seem to fix the URL problem; however, it appears that the 
username/password isn't working right.  I'm trying to download from my TiVo.  
Is it really an authentication problem or is it something else? See pasted text 
below (I have deleted the password [MAK] to comply with legal issues). I've 
inserted line feeds between lines for reading purposes (and word wrap).

C:\Documents and Settings\smithben\My Documents\tivo_nontransfer>wget 
--user=tivo --password=########## --output-document="CFBL (Rec 08-Jun-09).tivo" 

SYSTEM_WGETRC = c:/progra~1/wget/etc/wgetrc

syswgetrc = C:\Program Files\GnuWin32/etc/wgetrc

--2009-06-09 15:37:50--

Connecting to connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 Authorization Required

Reusing existing connection to

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 400 Bad Request

2009-06-09 15:37:50 ERROR 400: Bad Request.


----- Original Message ----
> From: Jochen Roderburg <address@hidden>
> To: Ben Smith <address@hidden>
> Cc: address@hidden
> Sent: Tuesday, June 9, 2009 3:10:31 PM
> Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Issue with URL in Windows
> Zitat von Ben Smith :
> > I know this isn't really a wget issue, but I thought someone might be able 
> > to 
> help with it.
> > I'm trying to download a URL that includes %2 in it, which is a variable 
> > for 
> DOS/Windows.
> That is actually so inside Windows batch files, not in interactively typed 
> commands.
> > I tried enclosing the URL in "s, which didn't help.
> No that does not help (in batch files  ;-)
> > Any ideas?
> You must double the % (in batch files):   %2  -->  %%2
> Regards, J.Roderburg


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