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[Bug-wget] wget running with recursive and load-cookie.. problem

From: 이병희
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget running with recursive and load-cookie.. problem
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 13:33:00 +0900


I have a wget bug when crawling web site with recursively and cookies

1. to get cookie
      $ wget --post-data="id=userid&password=password"
--save-cookies=care_cookie.txt --keep-session-cookies
   so, I got care_cookie.txt like beolow
      # HTTP cookie file.
      # Generated by Wget on 2009-10-21 10:22:26.
      # Edit at your own risk.
      AAA.com:8080       FALSE   /       FALSE   0       JSESSIONID

2. to get entire web site
      wget -r -x --load-cookies=care_cookie.txt --keep-session-cookies "
http://A <http://a/>/1.jsp"

first, under login needed url get successfully,
    http://A/1.jsp <http://a/1.jsp>
but, upper url (http://A/1.jsp <http://a/1.jsp>) got other link (like below)
and below link needed login
    http://A/2.jsp <http://a/2.jsp>

.. second url(http://A/2.jsp <http://a/2.jsp>) can not adapted cookies.
(Can't not get http://A/2.jsp <http://a/2.jsp>)

What's problem, I don't know. (Used wget 1.11.4)

Best regards.

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