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[Bug-wget] QuickStart tutorial

From: Rahul Prasad
Subject: [Bug-wget] QuickStart tutorial
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 10:20:54 +0530


I am a student, I want to contribute to wget,
I have read the nicely written
OptionHowTo<http://wget.addictivecode.org/OptionsHowto>but still need
an example to demonstrate how everything is put together.

This is what I want to do (Test case).
I want to add an option *-rahul* which will enqueue a hardcoded url for
downloading say http://rahulprasad.com/app/scratchpad/v0ride/text.txt along
with supplied url.
I want to add another option *-override* which will just download the hard
coded url and discard supplied url.

I have already added "rahul" and "override" in *main.c* as

{ "rahul", '', OPT_VALUE, "rahul", -1 },
{ "override", '', OPT_VALUE, "override", -1 },

Added following line in *options.h*
char *rahul;
char *override;
under *struct options*

Added following lines in *init.c*
{ "rahul",        &opt.rahul,        cmd_string },
{ "override",        &opt.override,        cmd_string },
under *commands[] *

but I am facing difficulty on what to do next.
Please help, so that I can start development

I want to add batch download support to wget, but need to know how things
Also please tell me how do we debug big projects like wget?
and what IDE do you people use ?

Rahul Prasad
Web: www.rahulprasad.com

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