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Re: [Bug-wget] [wget 1.13] [configure error] Forcing to use GnuTLS? --wi

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] [wget 1.13] [configure error] Forcing to use GnuTLS? --with-ssl was given, but GNUTLS is not available
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 17:42:28 +0200
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Jochen Roderburg <address@hidden> writes:

> And in general they seem to want to steer away the users from openssl
> to gnutls and in order to do that the configure script doesn't even
> mention this option any longer.  :-(
> And in the same vein the option --with-libssl-prefix has completely
> disappeared, which used to be helpful when you had your preferred ssl
> library in a non-standard place. Now you have to trick around with
> compiler options to achieve that.

it is fixed in the current development version, and the fix will be
included in the wget release I am going to do in the next few days.

It was already reported on this mailing list some days ago, and it was
the reason why wget 1.13 wasn't released :-)


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