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[Bug-wget] Wget should not ignore quota specifications for single files.

From: matthew
Subject: [Bug-wget] Wget should not ignore quota specifications for single files.
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2011 12:44:24 -0500
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Giuseppe Scrivano,

I don't think Wget should ignore quota specifications for single files as it does. (See the "-Q" or "--quota" switch in the User Manual.)

If someone specifically indicates a quota from the command line, then this is obviously what they want to do (for whatever reason). On the other hand, if Wget is called from inside another program with a quota for a single file, it ought to be respected for predictability and program safety.

In my case, I am using Wget inside a Perl program for an online service, and would like to set the maximum download size on single files as a safety/performance precaution.

I've tried several work-arounds for this, all with no success. Wget simply refuses to follow quota specifications for single files no matter how Wget is invoked.

Respecting quotas for single files would be useful in other situations where Wget is called automatically from within a script.

(Wget is an awesome program in any case.)


Matthew Shockey
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