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[Bug-wget] Wish: --no-parent with new option --allow-directories

From: Maciej Pilichowski
Subject: [Bug-wget] Wish: --no-parent with new option --allow-directories
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 10:31:07 +0100
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  It is not an every day case, but not every server has regular 

  Those options given together would mean -- "do not fetch any page 
above the starting point page UNLESS such page is located in the 
directory mentioned in allow-directories".

  At least for me, the interpretation is completely intuitive, the 
behaviour would be useful, thus I am posting this wish. In short 
allow directories would allow to specify additional directories -- 
above starting point page, from which pages could be fetched.

  Right now I faced exactly this problem. I have such page (my 
starting point):


  And I would like to generally fetch everything with --no-parent 
option, but there is a catch. Some pages refers to the addresses 


and from this directory I would like to get pages as well. 

  Of course I wish for behavior not for the exactly this 
wording "allow-directories" :-).

Kind regards,

PS. I am new subscriber of the list, no need to CC to me.

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