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Re: [Bug-wget] HTTP Basic auth not working in 1.13.4

From: rihad
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] HTTP Basic auth not working in 1.13.4
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 10:16:11 +0400
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On 01/04/2012 03:20 AM, Ángel González wrote:
On 03/01/12 15:01, rihad wrote:
Hi, all. After upgrading the FreeBSD port 1.12_4 to 1.13.4_1 this command no longer works:

$ wget -O- --http-user=user --http-password=password http://example.com/file.php

Why is it failing? wget 1.12 never failed, and instead gave this:

HTTP request sent, awaiting response...

and got the response.
It is expected that wget performs two queries, the first one receives the 401,
and only then are username and password sent. You can force to send them
in the first request with --auth-no-challenge (as was done by wget <= 1.10.2)

Thanks for the tip, I'll try that. In the meantime I've portdowngraded the port back to the working copy.

The problem here seems to be that the server is failing to answer the second request.
Server problem? Some kind of throttling?
I don't know why 1.12 to 1.13 would have made a different, either.

You're right, both port 1.12_4 and 1.13.4_1 do this in two requests - I checked. Nevertheless, 1.13.4 gets for the second request: "Failed writing HTTP request: Operation timed out." But their socket numbering is different in the debug output. Don't know if that means much.
There's indeed an HTTP accelerator (Squid) in front of the needed resource,

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