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[Bug-wget] Download Options "--tries=number".

From: MS
Subject: [Bug-wget] Download Options "--tries=number".
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 13:00:08 +0000
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I have a query about the download options "--tries=number".

The name of the option "--tries" suggest the total number of tries, while the documentation says it refers to the number of retries. [This may be an English language 'anomaly', Eg. 4 versions of a document - 1 draft and 3 re-drafts.]

I am using wget in a script and require it to make one single attempt to download a file, will I achieve that with "--tries=1" or does that actually mean - if the first attempt fails, retry once (in other words try twice then stop)?

If "--tries=1" does mean 'try twice then stop' and since "--tries=0" means infinite retrying is there any way to make wget try exactly once and then stop?

Also does "--timeout=seconds" apply to the whole operation, including any retries? If so it does not seem to work accurately with "GNU Wget 1.12" but that may be because it only applies to each 'try'?

I realize that the way I am using wget is not exactly what it has been designed for and that 'curl' is actually more suitable. In fact my script uses curl by default. The script checks to see if curl and wget are installed, if curl is not, but wget is, then rather than output a message saying 'please install curl', it uses wget.

Sorry it this mail is longer than need be, any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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