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[Bug-wget] Wget issues with delicious (SAN)

From: Sven Herzberg
Subject: [Bug-wget] Wget issues with delicious (SAN)
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 18:08:43 +0100


I used to execute a script to backup my bookmarks from delicious.com. However, 
since quite some time, wget doesn't connect to the remote site anymore, the 
error is:

> $ wget 'https://api.del.icio.us'
> --2012-01-31 12:58:52--  https://api.del.icio.us/
> Resolving api.del.icio.us...,,, ...
> Connecting to api.del.icio.us||:443... connected.
> ERROR: certificate common name `d-static.com' doesn't match requested host 
> name `api.del.icio.us'.
> To connect to api.del.icio.us insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.
> Unable to establish SSL connection.

This looks like a trivial error, one might think. However, while the common 
name of the certificate indeed doesn't "api.del.icio.us", it includes that name 
(among others) in the list of subject alternative names:

> DNS-Name: api.del.icio.us
> DNS-Name: www.delicious.com
> DNS-Name: d.me
> DNS-Name: delicious.com
> DNS-Name: d-static.com

Firefox, Chrome and Safari seem to be happy with this setup, wget isn't. Is 
there a reason behind this or is it just awaiting a patch to become fixed?

Kind regards,

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