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[Bug-wget] GSoC15: Speed up Wget's Download Mechanism

From: Hubert Tarasiuk
Subject: [Bug-wget] GSoC15: Speed up Wget's Download Mechanism
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 10:02:48 +0200
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Hello developers,

My proposal for *Speed up Wget's Download Mechanism* has been accepted
by the mentors!

There are two tasks to be done there:
- conditional GET requests (if-modified-since) (RFC7232)
- TCP Fast Open (RFC7413)

A summarized version of my proposal is available:

IMHO it is quite obvious how the first feature should be implemented in
Wget. However, there is some more moving around needed to use TFO. I
have proposed two possible ways in the above PDF. Perhaps you can
express your opinion about the approaches, or you have another idea for
accomplishing it?

Another issue I am thinking about is how to test the TFO feature. I am
not very familiar with network API in Python, but my first idea would be
to count the TCP segments sent and received and/or to check that the
first packet (with SYN flag) contains data (the request). What do you think?

I will be thankful for any other suggestions, as well.

Have a good day,

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