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[Bug-wget] wget downloads index.html unnecessarily and halts batch scrip

From: El Gato
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget downloads index.html unnecessarily and halts batch script (Windows)
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 19:10:25 +0200
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Hi, everyone.

I am having trouble with wget64 on Windows. I am using a batch script to download files from a host:

@echo OFF
FOR /L %%i in (1, 1, 9999) DO (
    echo Downloading file %%i
wget64.exe -A pdf,chm -e robots=off --progress=bar --show-progress -r -np -nd -nc -HDit-ebooks.info,filepi.com --content-disposition -a wget.log it-ebooks.info/book/%%i/

|wget| will download |index.html| (which I feel is unnecessary), then it proceeds to the hosted file and downloads it if the file does not exist on the destination, but will fail to retrieve the |index.html| of the next book and start the next download.

Is it really necessary to download |index.html| and if that is the case, how can I tell |wget| to erase and download the new one every time?

*Disclaimer: I am only asking about the specific behaviour of wget, I am not asking to help in the download script nor do I condone illegally downloading files. *

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