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Re: [Bug-xnee] compiling xnee

From: Henrik Sandklef
Subject: Re: [Bug-xnee] compiling xnee
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 10:38:34 +0200 (CEST)

HI again!

> it worked! thanks!  =)
I have to make a makefile that uses the 'hard' flags of gcc (e.g
-pedantic) since when using automake gcc isn't invoked with those flags.

> i'm using gcc 2.95.2  (btw, knee also build on
> debian potato but why cant it build on other
> distro? )
OK, I used gcc 3.0 the last time I built. That explains why (I guess!).
The problem is sitll mine, of course.

> one more thing. how do i insert delays on the
> event log?
There is no way to inset delays in the log file! Why do you need that? :)
Are you using sync when replaying (this is the default behaviour)?

I have thought about mapping a modifier+key, during recording, to insert a
comment in the log file. By editing this comment after recording you could
insert a delay/sleep macro. This will lead to a far more complex Xnee due
to reasons I don't deal with in this mail. But it is being considered!

Are you talking about a slowdown of the whole replay. If so it is to be
included in the future.

> i'm testing XNEE on a Touchscreen LCD and
> i've observed that during replays, the event is
> ahead of the GUI. but not when i'm using
> a regular mouse.
Hmmm...... strange!
Are you using the input extension to X?
Can you send over some logs:
 1) when using an ordinary mouse and start xnee like this:
    xnee --device-event-range MotionNotify --loops 20 -o mouse.log
 2) when using the touchscreen and start xnee like this:
    xnee --device-event-range MotionNotify --loops 20 -o touch.log
I am intersted in looking at the events.

> XNEE doesn't log during idle times right?
Yes and NO. Uless you have told Xnee to record data that is sent during
'idle' times no data is recorded. For example I think that there might be
some 'useless' requests being sent during idle time.

> but those idle moments are common on a
> Touchscreen interface when a user just
> "touch" & "wait". any workaround?
I am confused here. You mean that for example the user touches the screen
(causing a motion event) and wait for:
 1) the application to do something
 2) waits until he/she has decided what to do
Can you give me more details!

> Henrik Sandklef wrote:
>>Can you remove the line saying:
>>  xnee_verbose ((xd, "Using plugin file: %s\n", pl_name));
>>somewhere above line 1235 in the file libxnee/src/xnee.c
>>That should solve your problem. Try to make again. My problem is now
>> how that code passed my tests :(
>>And you please tell which version of gcc you are using. Simply do 'gcc
>> --version'
>>Best regards, Henrik
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