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Let's stop meaningless bloody murders

From: naomi.scanlonxag
Subject: Let's stop meaningless bloody murders
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 06:33:23 +0300
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We are all guilty and we must redeem our fault!

Someone must stop these meaningless bloody murders.

Please, take your time to read our petition to The Speaker And The Members Of Assembly. Sign for it and save lives of innocent animals.

Please, read and sign: http://www.animalhuntpetition.com

The Tasmanian Forestry Industry continues with the policy of clear felling of old growth forest and the destruction of the habitats of native fauna (wallabies, possums, wombats, quolls, Tasmanian devils and wedge-tailed eagles) within and about the boundaries of its plantations. Further, the industry uses the method of laying poison bait known as 1080 to eradicate native animals. It also intends to destroy and or prevent the re-growth of vegetation with herbicidal poisons distributed by aerial spraying (helicopter or other) or tractor wholesale spraying.

Another way you can help us to save innocent animals is to spread our petition among all the people you know: http://www.animalhuntpetition.com We are struggling for the future of our planet, please help us.

Send this to your friends.

We are all guilty and we must redeem our fault.

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