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Re: [Chicken-users] CVS update (build 1085)

From: Peter Keller
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] CVS update (build 1085)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 20:09:29 -0600
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On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 09:03:58PM +0100, felix wrote:
> And last but *not* least: Peter Keller has cleaned up the
> testing infrastructure to use an implementation specific loader.
> This will keep the core test-code R5RS clean.

Honestly, I must thank all of you for letting me contribute some small parts 
into a wonderful scheme compiler. And I especially thank Felix for answering
my many questions about the whole process.

> (We are waiting for that SRFI-proposal, Pete! ;-)

Ok, I'll look at the SRFI website and see how to initiate such a thing.
Any advice would be helpful. :)



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