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Re:[Chicken-users] GUI toolkits

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re:[Chicken-users] GUI toolkits
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 05:20:57 +0100

> Hello!
> I'm currently looking for a nice GUI toolkit that could be
> interfaced to Chicken. I'm playing around for a while with
> various libraries but so far haven't found anything that
> I'd really like. Perhaps others could suggest something.
> What I know so far:
> GTK: I don't like it. Big, perhaps a little bit too ambitious and
> hard to install (at least the last time I tried). The only interesting
> thing is that it's C based.
> Qt: very robust, but not free on Windows. I have some experience
> with it, since I use it at work.
> GLUI: pretty cool (GLUT based), but misses some crucial widgets
> (like multiline edit controls)
> FLTK: lightweight, but the documentation is patchy/incomplete.
> Currently this is my favorite.
> JAPI: appears to be slightly buggy (at least the newest JDK gives trouble),
> and too well maintained.
> Then one could build something on top of GLUT or SDL, but that appears
> a little bit too lowlevel.
> Tk: now that would be cool, but I haven't found any documentation on
> how to use Tk exclusively (without Tcl).
> FOX, wxWindows: I don't know much about those. They appear to bre
> quite heavyweight.
> Suggestions are welcome.
> cheers,
> felix

I have no strong opinion about the graphic toolkit, but I take the opportunity 
to ask
if there are bindings for curses: that is *really* lightweight! ;)

       Michele Simionato

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