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[Chicken-users] New snapshot available

From: felix winkelmann
Subject: [Chicken-users] New snapshot available
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 22:36:35 +0200


A new development snapshot is now available (2.106)

Differences to version 2.0:

- Many bugfixes
- The read-syntax `#+X Y' is provided as a shorthand for `(cond-expand
(X Y) (else))'
- `foreign-parse' and `foreign-parse/spec' have been removed
- lolevel: Executable byte-vector stuff has been removed
- SRFIs 31 and 62 are now officially supported
- New compiler option `-extension' simplifies static compilation of eggs
- csc: changed `-E' to `-P', `-E' is now an alias for `-extension'
- All the `entry-point' related things have been removed, as has been
  calling Scheme from C is now exclusively done with callbacks
- Integrated boilerplate embedding API into the `eval' unit
- Added `CHICKEN_continue' API function
- Hash-table resizing was ridiculously slow, and should now be much faster
- `define-foreign-record' handles recursive structures
- Procedures now contain some basic debug information, unless a file
was compiled
  with `-no-lambda-info'
- chicken-setup: 
  * handles direct downloads from arbitrary URLs
  * HTML documentation for eggs can now be included into the egg and
will be installed
    in the repository (using the `documentation' info-property)
  * `chicken-setup -docindex' shows path of generated documentation
index for all
    installed eggs
- extras: 
  *`hash-table-size' now returns the number of key/value pairs (not the bucket
    count), `hash-table-count' is gone
  * `read-file' accepts optional reader procedure and max count
  * `read-lines' accepts filename instead of port
- library:
  * `signum' is now exactness-preserving
  * `procedure-information' returns some basic debug info for a given procedure
    (if available)
  * Added `(warning MESSAGE ARGUMENTS ...)'
- String literals and the print-names of symbol literals are now
allocated in static
  (non-GC'd) memory 

Many thanks to all of you who helped and contributed!


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