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Re: [Chicken-users] callbacks without having a C_toplevel()

From: felix winkelmann
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] callbacks without having a C_toplevel()
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 23:13:54 +0200

On 8/25/05, Daniel B. Faken <address@hidden> wrote:
>   My question: what is the *appropriate* way to go about this?
>   Or, what is the minimum "boilerplate" required for a C_toplevel()
>   which just calls (return-to-host)?
>   - compiling just this statement generates about 130 LOC.
> (maybe there should just be a C_return_to_host_toplevel to pass?)

The proper way is to have a minimal Scheme toplevel, but it's inconvenient
if you just want to eval a few expressions. 

The current darcs head has a new library unit (stub), that does basically
just a (return-to-host). You can pass CHICKEN_default_toplevel as an
argument to CHICKEN_run.


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