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[Chicken-users] numbers egg slow?

From: Daishi Kato
Subject: [Chicken-users] numbers egg slow?
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 21:55:28 +0900
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Original Subject: wishlist: numbers egg (random) support

At Wed, 28 Sep 2005 20:09:03 +0200,
felix winkelmann wrote:
> That shouldn't be too hard - GMP provides all the neccessary
> things. I'll give it a try.

It would be nice to have.  Are there any other procedures
that are not supported by numbers egg?

BTW, I felt the use of numbers egg made the execution slow,
even if it's just a fixnum calculation. Is is an expected feature?

Following is a small test in chicken 2.2,
but I'm not sure if it is correct to measure the performance.

% csi -eval '(print (cpu-time))(let loop ([i 0]) (or (> i (expt 2 17)) (loop (+ 
i 1))))(print (cpu-time))'  
% csi -eval '(use numbers)(print (cpu-time))(let loop ([i 0]) (or (> i (expt 2 
17)) (loop (+ i 1))))(print (cpu-time))'


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