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[Chicken-users] packedobjects

From: john
Subject: [Chicken-users] packedobjects
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 16:19:49 +0000


I have been looking at Chicken to develop/prototype an application on
my Sharp Zaurus. I have made a tool to help build bit-stuffed network
protocols. I interfaced some Scheme code to some existing C code I had
wrote. The project is based on a telecomms standard called Packed
Encoding Rules. I am using S-expressions instead of ASN.1. I developed
the project as I wanted a light weight tool some where in between hand
encoding and ASN.1/PER.
The tool is in its infancy right now but I intend to improve it as I
build an application with it. I am releasing it for feedback and
assistance. I am new to Scheme and Chicken so have quite a few
questions already! I will post those soon.

For further details and to obtain the egg visit:



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