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[Chicken-users] fun porting to irix 6.5.21m

From: freddyisaac
Subject: [Chicken-users] fun porting to irix 6.5.21m
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 05:37:55 -0500

was trying to build 2.3 under 6.5.21m.
The compile halted on posix.c at line 447. IRIX does not have the ltm->tm_zone field, but rather uses the tmzone[1] and tmzone[0] fields available for __CYGWIN__ macro for conditional macro.
again in uposix.c the same code pattern exists and the same fix should work.
I am sure that someone more familiar with the build can suggest a good way to incorporate this. I have not spent anytime in the configure etc so I kludged it just to get past the problem and see what else breaks.
still having lots of fun with setenv and unsetenv - anyoone shed any light?

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