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Re: [Chicken-users] CMake chicken-setup fails on MinGW and MSVC

From: Brandon J. Van Every
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] CMake chicken-setup fails on MinGW and MSVC
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 06:47:49 -0700
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Brandon J. Van Every wrote:
Graham Fawcett wrote:
On 8/10/06, Brandon J. Van Every <address@hidden> wrote:
felix winkelmann wrote:
> If you run "chicken-setup -v opengl", do you get any more
> informative output?

E:\devel\msys>chicken-setup -v opengl

The extension opengl does not exist.
Do you want to download it ? (yes/no/abort) [yes]
downloading catalog ...
downloading catalog from ...
GET /eggs\repository HTTP/1.0

There's your culprit -- the back-slash after eggs: it should be

The Chicken 2.41 tarball built on VS71 with nmake -f fails in the same way. This is not a CMake-specific problem. Rather, it's either a general problem with eggs on MSVC, which are making an inappropriate use of a Windows style pathname. My suspicion falls on _make-pathname in utils.scm, but if there's a platform-specific behavior, it's not clear to me.

The platform specific behavior is in library.scm, buried as a primitive:

(define ##sys#pathname-directory-separator
 (let ([st (software-type)])
   (if (and (eq? 'windows st) (not (eq? (build-platform) 'cygwin)))
   #\/) ) )

This is wrong for a URL. I haven't exactly figured it out, but it appears that make-pathname is being used for URL construction, which ultimately ends up with system-specific behavior when it shouldn't. I am still jobhunting / trying to keep a roof over my head / avoid eviction 2 weeks hence. I don't have the time to decide what the proper design should be. Additional eyeballing appreciated.

Brandon Van Every

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