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Re: [Chicken-users] Chicken compiled for familiar+ipaq available.

From: Shawn Rutledge
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Chicken compiled for familiar+ipaq available.
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 23:34:32 -0700

On 8/27/06, felix winkelmann <address@hidden> wrote:
On 8/15/06, john <address@hidden> wrote:
> I would be very interested in learning a good way to cross compile
> eggs. I was building them by hand but realised it was easier to run
> chicken-setup from my Zaurus and build them on board. This obviously
> requires the ability to run gcc on the target device and takes a bit
> of time!


You might get something working by passing -cc and -ld options via
"-csc-option" to chicken-setup, but this will probably not work for all

We are currently heavily simplifying the build-system and I hope
to be able to massage the makefiles enough to generate a proper
"cross"-chicken (i.e. where chicken-setup + csc generate target binaries).
Will need some time, though.

Being able to cross-compile eggs will be great.  I'm also using
chicken directly on a Zaurus.  I installed arm-debian on a CF card to
be able to have a compiler etc.  Chicken 2.41 doesn't compile so far -
I get a gcc "internal error" with gcc 4.0.2.  Figured I would try next
with an older gcc.

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