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Re: [Chicken-users] status of the cmake build on win32

From: Brandon J. Van Every
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] status of the cmake build on win32
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 21:27:40 -0700
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felix winkelmann wrote:
On 9/15/06, Brandon J. Van Every <address@hidden> wrote:

All MSVC libraries have *.lib as their suffix, whether it's debug,
release, static, or a dynamic stub.  These need to be disambiguated
somehow for various purposes.

I think that we should drop the suffixes (like "-d" for Debug, etc.) as most
Users will only build a single version of the libraries, usually Release.
In fact, I have already changed this in CMakeListst.txt (darcs head), I hope this is ok for you.

One library is ok for now. I don't think this issue should hold up a release, and in any event I don't have time to do anything about it right now. In the future, however, we should have multiple libraries capabilities on all platforms. There's also the issue of multi-threading to consider. I think Boost's disambiguated library suffixes is probably the correct way to implement all of these things.

I probably implemented it rather naively, but I wasn't
sure whether CMake uses some kind of default.

I'll look at what you actually did at some point. I'm much more concerned about the OpenGL egg, and verifying whether all static exes are in fact being linked to dynamic libraries on all platforms.

Brandon Van Every

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