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[Chicken-users] hacking the mailbox egg

From: minh thu
Subject: [Chicken-users] hacking the mailbox egg
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 19:14:48 +0100


I'd like to write a small library along the lines of the mailbox egg.
The goal is to have a queue where the elements are ordered by some
kind of value attached to them (in my case, it will be the moment when
the element has to be extracted from the queue).

Reading the code, and being fairly new to scheme and chicken, I have
some questions:

- why is there a queue.scm file ? Is it because usage of the extras
unit can be disabled ?
- what are those ##sys#xxx and ##core#xxx functions ?
 is it permitted (good style) to use them ? where are they documented ?

When/if I complete the writing of such a library, would it be good to
add it to Eggs Unlimited ?
Have you an idea for its name ? ordered-mailbox ?

Thanks a lot
vo minh thu

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