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Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : [Chicken-users] Scheme (LISP) editing

From: minh thu
Subject: Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : [Chicken-users] Scheme (LISP) editing
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 10:43:52 +0100

2007/3/3, Zbigniew <address@hidden>:
There are about a billion ideas flying around and I've lost track of
your overall intent.  If you want to develop a 3D program
interactively you can just start it with csi or call (repl) and issue
GL commands and debug interactively like normal.  For example it is
easy to run the sdl-gears example and change the lighting
interactively, just throw the animation loop in its own thread.  If
you want to make a console in-game for some reason (e.g. you are on an
embedded system) with full access to your environment, you could do it
the same way, only modify Felix's repl code to do I/O to your console,
or use a pseudo terminal to bridge the repl to the console instead.
Of course on an embedded system, assuming your goal is not just to
look pretty, you could just use a serial console and retain the full
interactive development abilities of Emacs on your dev machine.

My intent is pretty close of what you say. I just want to provide a
simple repl directly inside the OpenGL window. I see mostly four
reasons to do this.
- csi + readline + thread is problematic (from my test, maybe I'm wrong).
 Although I say 'simple' some file saving/reading would be great.
 csi without readline is very poor to make real editing session.
- I've to switch from vim to emacs + quack + paredit. In a sense, I'm switching
 to OpenGL programming with Chicken, that's enough for me for the moment.
 Having the repl in OpenGL is a practical, reusable block of code.
 It can serve in a real program, see autocad, or maya (mel language),
and so on.
- Once it's done, people have ideas to experiment with. That's what make you
 lost track :)
- I've forgot the fourth point, something like "it's fun" :)

Oh, this is my intent regarding the opengl repl. I also want to
provide other simple building blocks. Font system is one.
Camera/projections library is another one.

Editor stuff was just discussions, I'm not going to do it but I
believe once some building blocks are done, people will try to do

On the other hand if you are just aiming to write a GL-based terminal
there are plenty of examples out there, and if you're aiming for the
full Squeak monty, then, good luck :)

I don't know Squeak. I've heard about Morphs (for Smalltalk I think)
but that's all. I need to look at it.


On 3/3/07, minh thu <address@hidden> wrote:
> By the way, I don't plane to write an IDE neither an editor. But I
> plane to write a repl. Once it's done (plus some other basic stuff), I
> thing every body interested could contribute/test/have fun with some
> *implemented* ideas.

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