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Re: [Chicken-users] install sdl.egg with mingw32?

From: Jong-Hyouk Yun
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] install sdl.egg with mingw32?
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 17:58:11 +0900

Hi, I made some tests and building batch files...

pack url:

it has tests of...
* sdl : basic video, event
* sdl_gfx : basic putpixel
* sdl_image : showimage
* sdl_ttf : showfont
* sdl_mixer : playwave
* sdl_net : -_-

SDL_net doesn't working at all, even SDLNet_GetError doesn't works.
It seems it couldn't load SDL_net.dll.


2007/6/26, Jong-Hyouk Yun <address@hidden>:
Hi, here is my ',r'.
#;1> ,r
        match   csi     srfi-11 srfi-15 srfi-31 srfi-26 srfi-16 match
        srfi-69 srfi-28 extras  srfi-8  srfi-6  srfi-2  srfi-0  srfi-10
        srfi-9  srfi-55 srfi-61 applyhook       ptables dload   little-endian
        windows chicken srfi-23 srfi-30 srfi-39 srfi-62 srfi-17 srfi-12
Machine type:           x86
Software type:          windows
Software version:       unknown
Build platform:         mingw32
Include path:           (C:\Program Files\Chicken\share\chicken)
Symbol-table load:      0.4
  Avg bucket length:    1.45
  Total symbols:        1209
Memory: heap size is 500000 bytes with 343100 bytes currently in use
nursery size is 131072 bytes, stack grows downward

interrupts are enabled

I think maybe it's not bug/failure about chicken. Probably I didn't install SDL libraries properly ^.^;
I'll try again reinstall those stuffs, thank you.

Seoul is too hot today-_-;;; I want some icy beer-_-;;;

2007/6/26, felix winkelmann < address@hidden>:
On 6/25/07, Jong-Hyouk Yun < address@hidden> wrote:
> Same errors with above versions.

Can you show us the output of entering ",r" (comma-R) after
starting the "csi" program? I'd like to see all internal flags, so
I can specialize the sdl code according to your environment.


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